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Thinking of a master (my)Plan

After a few too many iterations, I finally settled on and submitted my 2023 myPlan – it’s my organisation’s annual requirement for staff to articulate their goals and outputs for the year. It’s easy to consider this as a token tick and flick activity, but given the new structure, team set up and project deliverables a new master plan is what was need – something fitting that enables collaborative and productive outputs that align to the strategic vision.

Goal #1: Enhance the educator experience


Initiate new and embellish existing products, services and activities that enhance the educator experience with the whole of Monash Learning Teaching offerings.

Overall tasks

  • Lead the design, development and delivery of educator-first experiences with Monash Learning and Teaching offerings.
  • Cultivate efficient, effective and productive professional relationships with Monash Learning Teaching colleagues.
  • Identify, explore and initiate new products, services and activities that showcase and support teaching and learning excellence at Monash.
  • Lead the design, development, and delivery of products, services and activities that showcase and support teaching and learning excellence at Monash.
  • Identify and explore opportunities to integrate and optimise existing offerings.


  • Completed documentation that maps the educator experience with Monash Learning and Teaching offerings.
  • Completed products, services and activities that showcase and support teaching and learning excellence at Monash.
  • An efficient, effective, perceivable and reproducible production process that enables the project team.

Goal #2: Lead the multimedia team


Lead multimedia team and personnel in production of still and time-based multimedia content.

Overall tasks

  • Lead the design of efficient and effective workflows and production practices that empowers personnel.
  • Lead the identification, exploration, and implementation of production processes that improve productivity and output, as needed.
  • Actively cultivate and promote a responsive, yet calm production environment.
  • Provide effective leadership of multimedia officers to guide production of content for the Elevate project, Teach HQ and other Learning and Teaching strategic projects.
Measure output
  • Completed high quality still and time-based multimedia content.
  • An efficient, effective, perceivable and reproducible workflows and production process that enables the project team and personnel.

Goal #3: Communicate the offering


Plan and implement the strategic use of Teach HQ as a communication tool and vessel for highlighting Portfolio teaching and learning initiatives.

Overall tasks

  • Lead the development of a framework, including communication checklist in which new and updated technologies are embedded in a system of support and promotion to increase adoption among staff.
  • Co-lead the review and development of essential guides that support application enhancements, version upgrades and new technology implementations, and more.
  • Promote the use of Teach HQ across the faculties through new communication/promotion lines such as a “What’s new” page and Monash Workplace (Facebook), and more.
  • Analyse Teach HQ page and search analytics to evaluate and inform changes of design, placement, and content.
  • Oversee the expansion of Be Inspired and integration across Teach HQ.
  • Support project team (writers, builders and multimedia team) and stakeholders throughout the production process.
  • Use project management tools to monitor and manage task completion and resource allocation.


  • Completed framework and checklists.
  • Completed reviews and revised guides.
  • Increased Teach HQ page views.
  • Increased awareness of Teach HQ and number of users.
  • Increased number of Be inspired exemplars, while ensuring a diverse range of categories and contributions from across the university.

Your ghost

When you leave your place of work, what kind of legacy do you leave behind? What exactly makes up Your ghost*? Is it only made up of the files or digital data you created or pushed around while you were in that physical space or does Your ghost transcend the physical? Can Your ghost be something intangible like a mindset or an approach to production? Can these intangible things haunt those that you leave behind?

Your ghost, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

Strange. It may seem that this is a paranoid contemplation or reflection on my own ghost, but it’s actually my observations of how others have used or perhaps misused Your ghost. Now that you’ve gone, I’ve seen firsthand how they’ve just simply reused the physical artifacts that you created. Instead of being inspired by your intangible ghost to create their own physical artifacts and excel in their own way they simply reused yours. No imagination. Sad.

I understand that you can’t control what others do with what you leave behind, regardless of the physical or intangible nature of Your ghost. It just makes me sad to see that they’ve reduced you to that, that’s all.

*Although my use of Your ghost is most definitely inspired by the Kristin Hersh song of the same name, I feel that the intent is perhaps a little different. To me Hersh’s song encapsulates a feeling of loss or sense of longing for someone or something in the past. That’s ok, it’s her song. My use of Your ghost is about my desire for myself and others to be inspired by one persons intangible legacy and not just make use of the physical remains they leave behind.