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Your ghost

When you leave your place of work, what kind of legacy do you leave behind? What exactly makes up Your ghost*? Is it only made up of the files or digital data you created or pushed around while you were in that physical space or does Your ghost transcend the physical? Can Your ghost be something intangible like a mindset or an approach to production? Can these intangible things haunt those that you leave behind?

Your ghost, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

Strange. It may seem that this is a paranoid contemplation or reflection on my own ghost, but it’s actually my observations of how others have used or perhaps misused Your ghost. Now that you’ve gone, I’ve seen firsthand how they’ve just simply reused the physical artifacts that you created. Instead of being inspired by your intangible ghost to create their own physical artifacts and excel in their own way they simply reused yours. No imagination. Sad.

I understand that you can’t control what others do with what you leave behind, regardless of the physical or intangible nature of Your ghost. It just makes me sad to see that they’ve reduced you to that, that’s all.

*Although my use of Your ghost is most definitely inspired by the Kristin Hersh song of the same name, I feel that the intent is perhaps a little different. To me Hersh’s song encapsulates a feeling of loss or sense of longing for someone or something in the past. That’s ok, it’s her song. My use of Your ghost is about my desire for myself and others to be inspired by one persons intangible legacy and not just make use of the physical remains they leave behind.

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