Monthly Archives: June 28, 2013

Flyer for the 1992 Rollins Band tour of Melbourne, Australia

I saw the Rollins Band for the first time as a teenager in 1992. I went to the afternoon all-ages show. The show was mesmerising. Pulverising. No strobes. No coloured lights. Just the band. The Rollins Band, grinding out a sonic-fury under white work-lights. I kept the flyer.


Kollum is a concept for a collaborative location-based realtime audio experience that takes place in urban or suburban environments. Kollum is an attempt to conceptualise and capture the elements of location-based audio experiences that incorporate elevation or altitude through cumulative and persistant columns of sound. Users can use the audio recording features of their smart phone or mobile […]

In the absence of Glass

In the absence of my own Google Glass, I’d like some type of wearable rig that can hold a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone. This rig would sit on the wearers shoulder or be strapped to their chest. It would allow the wearer to view any assistive augment displayed on the […]

Sew, grow and mow: An AR lawn art experience

Sew, grow and mow is a multi-user virtual lawn art experience played in real locations with real dimensions in real time. Sew, grow and mow is a continuation of an existing idea about persistently augmenting a space. The experience Location Users choose a location nearby or a location they can easily access to place their virtual lawn. Suitable […]


I bought a Kinect sensor to use with Processing. Next, start working my way through Daniel Shiffman’s Getting Started with Kinect and Processing blog post. Fun!