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Make something wonderful (Book)

Started making my way through “Make something wonderful” and it’s resonating with me, especially the bits about working as a team, value of work, production, being human and doing stuff that’s meaningful to you – discovering some great stuff as I go!

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Cards for a Career Crisis

Found these cards at the bookshop – I was hoping they had a legit framework for decision making, but turns out they’re only great looking graphic design with semi-motivational quotes and pithy statements. Still cool, but not what expected or wanted.

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Borrowed books (that didn’t get read)

Books that I borrowed but ran out of time to read before they needed to be returned – will borrow again.

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Contagious (Book)

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100 ideas that changed advertising (Book)

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The fashion of film (Book)

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Anime architecture (Book)

An amazing book that direct the usual focus away from characters to the environments in which they inhabit – incredible stuff. There’s an exhibition to go along with the book, too!

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Event design – it’s a thing! (Book)

It makes sense that there’s a process for event design, just like all of the other user-centric processes such as learning design, education design, user experience design, service design, and more. Fascinating stuff.