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Colourful wall of cans

A collection of colourful cans of soft-drink on a shelf at a local grocery. Pretty.


Daily whiteboard

More iteration on the journey map with new additional details, and more—Teach-HQ%2C-Be-inspired-and-MEA-events-journey-for-educators-at-Monash?node-id=0%3A1&t=frEvy7DQQQEItYGF-1

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Jamming the educator journey #1

Notes on how I’m working to map the journey for educators who engage and interact with learning resources.

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100 ideas that changed advertising (Book)

amidoinitrite Daily whiteboard education elearning learning and teaching production resource development UX Vomit Workflows

Daily whiteboard (file names, folders and workflows)

amidoinitrite Book Concept production UX Workflows

Event design – it’s a thing! (Book)

It makes sense that there’s a process for event design, just like all of the other user-centric processes such as learning design, education design, user experience design, service design, and more. Fascinating stuff.

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Knowing where to look

Great examples of a complete understanding of where the audience is most likely going to engage with content Рon a fence while walking through an entrance to the station and (on the ground while they look down at their device) as they wait for their train. Great stuff.