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The 12 Days of AI: Day 8 – Creating flashcards

For Day 8 of The 12 Days of AI, the 20 minute task is to learn about some AI-powered study tools.

To complete today’s task I need to use Quizlet to create some “Magic notes” on a type of meal or food you eat at holiday of my choosing.

What’s Quizlet? I’m glad I asked.

“Quizlet serves as a digital educational platform, accessible to both educators and learners. Boasting a vast collection of over 100 million study sets, the content spans across diverse subjects from the sciences to the humanities, all generated by its user community. The platform operates in several languages including English, Spanish, and German.”

“Quizlet excels in transforming textual information into interactive learning tools, such as flashcards, quizzes, and educational games, offering a multifaceted approach to studying. Moreover, the platform is not limited to text-based content, it also supports the integration of images and audio into its study materials.”

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