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Connecting with others (Selling to Australia)

At ACMI, there’s a wall-sized art installation with chart that maps the essential elements needed in (an advertising) campaign when “Selling to Australia”.

The chart is most likely to be correct about the Australian-ness of these elements, and I’m also thinking that many of these might also be inherent to all humans (in varying degrees), no matter where you’re from.

  • Trash the product
  • Compose an anthem
  • Connect with community
  • Create a memorable character
  • Be animated
  • Upset, outrage and shock
  • Celebrate the nation
  • Embrace nostalgia

It would be interesting to map these elements even further to identify commonalities, nuance and differences, too – understanding market segmentation (demographic – individuals, psychographic, behavioural, geographic, and firmographic – companies) would be something that multinational companies would probably want to do when trying to determine how to sell their product around the world, right?

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