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Distributed consciousness – art installation at ACMI

Checked out Memo Akten’s art installation at ACMI, which was colourful and at times, a little creepy with its processed digital voice. As the ACMI exhibition page on ACMIC for the installation observes… “Originally beginning as an NFT collection on the ecologically friendly blockchain Tezos, Memo Akten’s eight-channel video installation, Distributed Consciousness, features 256 unique […]

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Connecting with others (Selling to Australia)

At ACMI, there’s a wall-sized art installation with chart that maps the essential elements needed in (an advertising) campaign when “Selling to Australia”. The chart is most likely to be correct about the Australian-ness of these elements, and I’m also thinking that many of these might also be inherent to all humans (in varying degrees), […]

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Tony Ayres says…

In the ACMI collection there’s a video installation that spotlights a number of Australians film-industry professionals reflecting on their practice. The Tony Ayres spotlight resonated most with me, particularly the matter of fact, self-awareness of his craft and his reflection on the critical skill of communicating concepts and idea to an audience, and its capacity […]