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Not quite “One Dollar” DIY Amazon Fuzz, but close enuff.

Like many others, I was enamoured with the offering of a “One Dollar DIY Amazon Fuzz” after watching the video, and then ordering the components through the affiliate links.

I made the ‘pedal’ and although I haven’t been able to troubleshoot the ’60hz hum’ and low output volume in the two I made, they actually work as described in the video. Awesome.

Partnering, to monetise an existing unused space

In 2014, I first noticed the Coles Online Click & Collect service that provides consumers with an extremely convenient experience where they only have to stop once. This convenience provides consumers with further evidence to never stray from the Coles Universe of essential products (groceries/food, liquor and fuel) and services (car insurance) by shopping anywhere else. Since then, much has changed about where (locally/online), and how consumers buy and pay for their goods and services, and even the way they approach their banking (in-person at a branch/online) and the move towards a cashless society – this is especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other day, I need to withdraw cash from an ATM and notice the Amazon pick-up locker located in the entrance of the bank, and as noted on CBA website, Amazon Lockers are now available at participating CommBank branches. This means you can collect your Amazon packages from a safe, secure location at a time that suits you. The self-service kiosks are available to you 24/7.

At a time where there may be reduced traffic in/out of the branch, partnering with Amazon and making used of an unused existing space makes great business sense – great thinking service design, team.

Tucked away in the air-lock style entrance of the bank is the Amazon pick-up locker – a lucrative partnership for the bank I’m sure.