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The 12 Days of AI: Day 7 – Conducting research

For Day 7 of The 12 Days of AI, the 20 minute task is to learn about AI-powered research tools. To complete today’s task I need to use ResearchRabbit, an AI tool designed for efficient literature mapping based on citations, to help streamline my search for relevant references when embarking on an essay, small project, […]

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Research plan – They’re back! To what extent and in what ways do particular pedagogical dimensions, or combinations of, contribute to repeated learner participation in an online course over consecutive or non-consecutive runs?

Introduction Since their emergence in the mid-2000s, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been predicated on making learning available to everyone, and at scale. Much effort has been spent analysing data generated by MOOC participants (eg., Guo, Kim & Rubin, 2014; Savage, 2009; Wang, 2017) to determine if video production methods, format, style, type or […]

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I’m interested in the teaching and learning as well as art applications of this technology. What’s interesting about this as an exercise is the wasted opportunity to celebrate and showcase respondents of their input into the data gathering and research process. Metro and Monash could have actively showcase the exercise by representing the number of […]