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Daily white(skin)board

– Read and parse the Accord.
– Map current projects and offerings to it, and identify gaps .
– Get search queries from Teach HQ – good data that shows what people have been searching for…

Universal Methods of Design – use these tools, and more..
Site Search Analytics
– Horizon Scanning
– Add wildcard (to the Creative Matrix)
– Thematic Networks (qualitative data)

Laddering (questions e.g., Why is it important to you? > Why are you the only one responsible? > Can you tell me more about why the data is confidential? > Can you tell me what else you need in this confidential report? ) that help explore links between product attributes, consequences and values

And when we have a list of possible solutions, promising opportunities or things to try, evaluate them with:
Importance-difficulty Matrix.
– Weighted Matrix.

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