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I don’t always require an affirmation, but when I do, I prefer the Bene Gesserit’s litany against fear

Inspired by Tom Woodwards’s Dune-themed tweet on 24 April 2014, Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb’s production on Fear Factory’s Fear Is the Mindkiller EP and the Bene Gesserit’s litany against fear and based on Jan Vantomme’s Drawing text and Running your sketch on an Android device  Processing recipes on Github, I created this portable litany against fear as a fun exercise in combining , expanding and learning further from the recipes I’ve worked through so far.


Extending the functionality

I’d like to extend the portable litany against fear by creating functionality that allows for use of:

  • sound by including pre-loaded audio samples that play as each line of the litany is displayed
  • custom text and audio affirmations to be entered by users
  • events such as display of text and playing of audio or other events to be triggered by touching and swiping of screen by the user.



    • rowan_peter

      Hiya Tom,

      Thanks for the comment. The portable litany against fear is a fun exercise in coding and affirmation. It’ll be better once I can get the touch code working and then extend the basic functionality. Oh, reading Dune to your kids? What a great idea! I think I’ll start with my two and then the film a little later. The Navigator was always my squeamish favourite. Maybe you can also introduce them to the Fear Is the Mindkiller EP too.

      Thanks for the tip about Tweets of Dune. Followed!


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