amidoinitrite Artifact Concept

Flip Rig: An extremely light-weight and simple rig for a FLIP MinoHD video camera

A project at work required video footage of a series of veterinary surgical procedures to be recorded for inclusion in an online teaching resource.

The project did not have resources (DSLR and personnel) to record the series of surgical procedures nor does the relatively small operating theatre permit an additional non-surgical staff member to occupy the theatre.

With these constraints in mind, I designed and assembled a camera rig from a number of different pieces of hardware to support a Flip MinoHD digital video camera (found in the back of an old storage cupboard) that could be used to record each procedure.

The simple  nature of the Flip video camera means that any member of surgical team can start the recording prior to the commencement of the surgery without having to consider the possible complication of operating a semi-professional video camera or DSLR.

The light-weight and unobtrusive nature of the Flip also allows the camera to be fitted to the arm of the surgical light. A perfect place to capture a bird’s-eye view of the surgical procedure.



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