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Getting to know the ledge edge

Getting to know the ledge. A post shared by Repurposed Ruin (@repurposed_ruin) on Dec 19, 2017 at 6:04pm PST Learning to work the edges of the ledges. — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) December 20, 2017 Pay to play. — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) December 22, 2017

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Building my DIY masonry block ledge at The Ditch

I’ve been inspired by The Build Project and the Cinder Block Ledge by DIY Skate to build a ledge in the stormwater-run-off-turned-bike track (a place I call The Ditch) of a nearby suburb. This blog post documents the process of building my DIY ledge at The Ditch – from inception to implementation. The ditch A photo posted […]

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Redefine and reassess everything (around you)

“What is the strange profound attraction that this rectangular piece of concrete holds for them? Do we now observe the rights of passage of a newly emerging civilisation?” – Dr Eugene D Mander (Public Domain, 1988) “I think skateboarding is a way for people to reassess and redefine everything around them.” – Ian Mackaye “Skateboarding […]