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Been caught streaming

I’ve started experimenting with streaming my skateboarding sessions via my Repossessed to Skate channel on Twitch – a streaming platform for game oriented content. Why do this? I was curious how the platform worked, explore streaming as a ‘thing’ (particularly as a streamer with no viewers) and find out how particular communities form and interact with each other and curate and narrate (usually gaming related) content. It was also fun learning how to set up OBS, connect additional services like Twitter, YouTube, Nightbot and Google Maps.

So far, I’ve streamed about eight times, but being a non-turbo user means my broadcasts are saved for 14 days before being deleted. There’s an option to archive on YouTube, which I’ve done.

I’ve noticed the slight disconnect of skating and the narration of it and how it impacts the joy of skating. Perhaps streaming is the antithesis of skateboarding. That is, skateboarding as an activity predicated on being completely focused and immersed in the moment at the exclusion of everything else.

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