amidoinitrite ds106 field recordings

ds106: Where my preoccupation with reporting from the field began

This could be where my preoccupation with reporting from the field began. A 2008 Voicethread of my 2004 experience of
Dae Borum celebration (The first full moon of the lunar new year) held on Kwang An Beach in Busan, South Korea.

Voicethread is a great web 2.0 tool that allows you to sequence a series of photographs and record a narration and/or annotation. Voicethread also allows users to add their own comments in response to your ‘thread.

If you can’t view my Voicethread, here’s a rough breakdown of the Dae Borum celebration.

An early morning crowd gathers on Kwang An Beach in anticipation of the bonfire.
Prayers and wishes for the new year are written on pieces of fabric and paper.
Local officials are responsible for starting the bonfire.
The bonfire starts slowly.
The bonfire quickly takes hold.
The intense radiant heat forces to the large crowd to quickly move back from the bonfire.
Plumes of smoke rise into the sky against the backdrop of multi-storey buildings and seaside attractions.
The crowd sing and dance around the bonfire.
The early morning aftermath.

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