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ds106: Design Assignment 12: The big hip hop (I wanna get dusted)

Design Assignment 12 brief

Take any photo from The Big Picture and overlay it with lyrics from a Top 100 song. Similar to The Big Caption project.

‘I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby’

For this design assignment I used a photo from The Big Picture’s coverage of the 2011 Dakar Rally and overlayed the lyrics from an old Schoolly D song I wanna get dusted. I wanted to contrast the strict and colloquial use of the word dust.

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I can’t wait to give this a go tomorrow. Unless Dark Side of the Moon is still in the top 100, I don’t think I know any newer music lyrics so that could be a problem.

What the heck in in that dust bowl?

Ha ha…I have the same problem. I’m not sure what kind of music the ‘kids these days’ listen to!? The assignment brief doesn’t strictly specify from what year the Top 100 song has to come from, so I reckon you could squeeze in some Pink Floyd.


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