Did Jim get lost searching for Emre5807 the infamous ds106 hacker?

I guess everyone has heard by now about the DS106 website being hacked earlier in the week. If you haven’t, go and read Jim Groom’s blog post. It’s serious stuff.

Apparently the DS106 website was hacked by someone who goes by the name of Emre5807. I’m not sure WHO that is, but I reckon they should start running because Jim and Kim Droom are on a mission to find them. Jim recently recorded a video from the airport while waiting for his private jet to be fueled and that was the last time we’ve heard from him.

I don’t mean to push the panic-button or anything, but after watching Jim’s video I became a little worried. I mean, we haven’t heard from him or Kim at all since his departure. We don’t even know if he’s arrived at his destination!

I hope Jim doesn’t mind, but I called back home to see if he had arrived safely at his destination and that search for Emre5807 is going well. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with tracking down Emre5807.


Rowan Peter

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We have had only minimal contact with Jim, he was there only briefly for the start of our ” This week in #ds106″ but said he was at the compound of Emre5807:

There was a threat if a capture from the @Emre5807 twitter but it has not been confirmed. Kim Droom is also unaccounted for.

This is very worrisome indeed.

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