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Speed reader – Visual Assignment 347: Photo It Like Peanut Butter

I used an old Weekly Shōnen Jump as source material for Speed reader. I like it’s economic black ink on pulpy multi-coloured paper style. I also thought the Weekly Shōnen Jump imagery would be able to withstand a drastic reduction in colour palette; a byproduct of balancing the constraints of the gif file format, image quality and file size of the final exported animated gif.

While thumbing-through the pages, I used the burst-feature of my DSLR to capture some frames. I then used Photoshop to import the frames, adjust tone, colour and contrast and finally export a 64-colour animated gif.

Visual Assignment 347: Photo It Like Peanut Butter brief

Rather than making animated GIFs from movie scenes, for this assignment, generate one a real world object/place by using your own series of photographs as the source material. Bonus points for minmal amounts of movement, the subtle stuff.