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Showcase #3

Today was Showcase #3. Much like Showcase #2, I showed some examples that demonstrates how our learning is designed to meet the unique needs of our learning cohort – our stuff is designed especially for working professionals, leaders, teachers, or even trainers. Tech education for clinical educators, or EDTECH as we refer to it, is […]

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Showcase #2

Today, the team presented a showcase to a number of potential clients who are interested in how we might help them out. It was all hands on deck, where each team member had a chance to talk about our approach to designing learning experiences framed around professional practice and also present examples of work we’ve […]

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Show, Demo & Inspo

I wanted a way for the team to easily share stuff (that inspires or demonstrates work they’ve done, and more) with each other that didn’t necessarily require them to identify themselves, if the didn’t want to. I chose Padlet because it’s quick, allows anonymous posting, we already have an account with them, and it does […]