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Showcase #2

Today, the team presented a showcase to a number of potential clients who are interested in how we might help them out. It was all hands on deck, where each team member had a chance to talk about our approach to designing learning experiences framed around professional practice and also present examples of work we’ve done – great stuff.

I presented three examples that demonstrated learning designed to meet the unique needs of our learning cohort and how they’re not the typical university undergraduate – our stuff is designed especially for working professionals, teachers and trainers.

Tech education for clinical educators, or EDTECH as we refer to it, is a great example of a course where we invite participants to bring their own professional context to the course – the artefact of learning (assessment) is the creation of a lesson plan they could then use in their own teaching.

Civics and citizenship, also known as CIVCIT, is a course designed especially for Victorian secondary school teachers to increase their understanding of Victorian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship education. The content is rich and generously laced with live workshops, weekly ‘office hours’ with the course educators, research-based learnings and in-depth interviews and reflections from secondary school teachers who have already returned from their own CIVCIT journey. Participants leave the course with a personalised lesson plan that they can their use in their own professional practice.

Design thinking now is designed for anyone who wants to develop their skills in the process of Design Thinking and ready themselves to apply their newfound skills to a situation (in their workplace) that’s meaningful to them. Jamboard-based templates are used by participants to explore their ideas and practise their Design Thinking in real life, resulting in a final presentation and reflection.

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