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Concept: Augmented contextual instruction

Augmented contextual instruction provides users with procedural demonstrations based on recognisable features and attributes of an object. Augmented contextual instruction could be used in vocational training and assessment contexts. Users can add (record), edit and share their own contextual instruction.

Planning the augmented contextual instruction with pen and envelope.
Planning the augmented contextual instruction with pen and envelope.

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The metaio Toolbox could be something that could be used to 3D tracking maps to enable this kind of functionality. Cool. I now need to purchase a license so I can upgrade my AR capabilities and remove watermarks from my apps. To make it useful. Basically.

I am working on creating AG technician instruction and your posts are very interesting and helpfull in this “uncharted territory”. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hello Maya

Thanks for your comment and interest in my work. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I want to do with AR in teaching and learning contexts. I’ll keep blogging about my work as I continue to explore this technology.

Good luck with your own exploration of AR.



Amazing to see how you have developed this from concept to your published product. The final augment is slick, very simple to use at the workbench, and is an effective series of instructions for the proceedure of dismantling a the brake caliper. You have included the addition al video feature, again making this easy to access whilst still at the workbench.Your design has the clarity of a workshop manual. I am very excited by the possibilities of this.Brilliant rcutting edge, efficient, effective esource for any tradesman. All the best for a brilliant future with this

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