My first scheduled show on DS106RADIO

Sometimes a blog post from @cogdog can feel like a serious talking-to from your father. By that I mean a loving-scold with a generous amount of encouragement and permission for you to give it a go, all wrapped-up with an awesome and inspiring call to action!

As a long-time listener, participant, advocate and mangler of DS106RADIO, I was compelled by @cogdog’s blog post to create my own show. A deliberately short weekly show that I can sustain over time and can always extend in duration. A five minute show that hopefully provides a point of difference to other shows and content that may have been scheduled. A show inspired by Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, David Attenborough, Francisco Lopez and Philip Samartzis, but made up of recorded sounds from my immediate environment.

So, I created The sound of sound. A show about sound without meaning. A show about the sound of the inconsequential, the accidental and everyday locations. A show about the sound of sound.

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