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Two channels published without the extras

After two days of waiting, my Step 4: Remove piston seal from caliper and Step 1: Remove bracket from caliper channels on Junaio have been made public. This is good news, but I think I went a little early on the publish because I failed to include extras such buttons for the instructional video, learner resources and link to next step in the process. The geometry is also misplaced. Now trying to upload to update the published channel and it doesn’t seem to be working. You might have to unpublish the channel, upload changes, publish it and then wait two more days for it to be approved. 

Nope, you can just upload the Creator file to the server again and it will ask you to update the already published channel. For me, Creator and the Metaio/Junaio platform lack some  expectation-outcomes-experience-scaffolding for users. This software, platform and service can be a little bewildering at times.

This recording shows my first two channels published to Junaio. Both channels feature incorrect placement of geometry and missing user interface. It’s a work in progress.


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