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VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship: Event 3 – Knowledge sharing

Event 3: Knowledge sharing. The third and final event for all 2013 Specialist Scholars.

Today I attended the third and final scheduled event for the VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship. The event was a knowledge sharing event where all specialist scholars presented their findings and outcomes from their participation in the program. Unlike Event 1 and Event 2, this event gave everyone the opportunity shared what they’ve learned.

Surprised, but not surprised by the broad range topics presented by all specialist scholars.

The Tweets were correct! The diversity of presentations from each scholar and the range of application and utilisation was amazing. From study programmes, workshops, conferences to the creation of artifacts, each scholar had made the most of their time in a useful and productive way. Thanks VET Development Centre for giving us all the opportunity to take part in the Specialist Scholar program.

If you’re interested, you can download the PDF version (6.7MB) or the PowerPoint version (6.9MB) of my VET Development Centre Specialist Scholarship: Event 3 – Knowledge sharing presentation.

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