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eT@lking: A google gathering

A google gathering

Just finished the eT@lking: A Google gathering session. The session was well attended, with many examples of how Google Apps can be used in a creative educational context. Some of the Google apps mentioned by presenters were:

Google Maps



  • Newstimeline – A web application that organises search results chronologically. Could be used to develop a marketing strategy and to plan promotional activities.

Google squared

  • Squared – Google squared takes a category and creates a starter ‘square’ of information, automatically fetching and organising facts from across the web.

Google Apps for education

  • Apps for education – Google Apps for Education offers a free (and ad-free) set of customizable tools that enable faculty, staff and students to work together and learn more effectively.

Google Forms

  • Forms – A presenter demonstrated an example of Google Forms being used to conduct quizzing, surveys of students. Results data was easily aggregated and shared.

App inventor for Android


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