Ingress: What becomes of a portal that is no longer anchored by the real world location?

Ingress is a game based on real world locations. In a game predicated on a relationship between the physical and the synthetic, what becomes or should become of a portal that is no longer anchored by the real world location that informed its very creation?

Should the portal stay as synthetic memory of a once culturally important physical location or should it be removed or allowed to slowly decay and disappear  just like any other form that abides the transient nature of physical existence ?

Should the game creators intervene or should the local players who inhabit the physical space battle it out for a synthetic space that really should no longer exist?

Does it even matter when it’s all just a game?

These are the questions I asked when a physical location in my area (that informed the creation of a portal) was demolished.


  1. rowan_peter

    Photograph of the half-dismembered comic book store that served as the real world location for the Batman Joker Mural portal.

  2. You can report portals which no longer exist in the scanner (portal->photo->edit->report invalid portal), so it seems like the intent is to remove them. Since I like to see the actual location I’d find it frustrating if there is nothing there and wasted time looking for it.

    • rowan_peter

      Hiya Cole,

      Thanks for the comment and information on how to report a portal. Although it could be a little frustrating for the portal to persist even when the physical impetus or reason for the portal to exist has gone, I actually think it’s kind of cool that it serves as a sort of recording or archive.

      Happy Ingressing!


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