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Sew, grow and mow: An AR lawn art experience

Cubist lawn art.

Sew, grow and mow is a multi-user virtual lawn art experience played in real locations with real dimensions in real time. Sew, grow and mow is a continuation of an existing idea about persistently augmenting a space.

The experience

Users choose a location nearby or a location they can easily access to place their virtual lawn. Suitable locations can be determined by browsing satellite photographs such as Google maps. They can then choose the design.

Users can choose from a library of lawn art design templates or create their own with a basic lawn art editor. Lawn art designs can be previewed by going to the location and viewing the proposed design through Sew, mow and grow or by previewing their design superimposed on an aerial photograph such as Google maps.

Users can then choose the grass (native to their area or imported) they’d like to sew for their lawn. Each type of grass has a particular quality such as shape, colour, speed of growth, resistance to drought and climate that can enhance and contribute in some way to the finished lawn art. Users have the option to review their location, design and sewing choices before they can start to grow their lawn. They can also choose the climate they’d like for their lawn. Climate can be based on location of lawn or from a weather data supplied by an agency such as the Bureau of Meteorology.

Once the climate has been selected the users can then start growing their lawn. Grass can take a long time to grow. That’s why Sew, grow and mow has a feature to expand and contract time. Doing this enables the user to grow their lawn in a short period of time. Users can check the growth of their lawn by going to the location of the lawn and then viewing the lawn through Sew, mow and grow or by viewing their virtual lawn superimposed on a satellite photograph such as Google maps.

Users can start shaping their lawn art once the lawn has grown to a minimum or recommended length suitable for mowing. Users need to go to their location and then choose from a lawn mower, hedge trimmer or mini-trimmer. Holding their device like a lawn mower, hedge trimmer or mini trimmer, users can use Sew, grow and mow to view their virtual lawn and move around their location to start shaping their lawn art. A stencil of the users design will be placed over the screen to help the user shape their lawn art. The completed lawn art can be shared with friends, removed completely or maintained for as long as the user wants to. Mistakes or errors in mowing can be repair by returning to the Grow stage.

The following diagram describes the experience of Sew, grow and mow.

The flow of Sew, grow and mow.

Pixel art lawn mowing previsualisation: paper or pixel

It’s still winter here in Melbourne, Australia. That means the wet weather can make it pretty difficult for me to get out and mow some backyard lawn art on the weekend. With that in mind, I’ve been using Google SketchUp 8 to previsualise new lawn art designs for my backyard lawn.

This lawn art design is based on Jason (@draggin) Toal’s ds106 skull pixel-art. I used the Geo-location > Add location feature to import the satellite image of my backyard into Google SketchUp 8. I then used the Rectangle and Push/Pull tools to create each ‘pixel’ that makes up the skull.

I’ve uploaded a version of the DS106 skull pixel-art lawn design without photo textures to Google’s 3D Warehouse. The 3D Warehouse is a repository of 3D models that have the potential to be used in the 3D Buildings layer on Google Earth. I’ll need to complete the  photo textures for the DS106 skull pixel-art lawn model before it has a chance to be reviewed against the Google Earth acceptance criteria.  In the meantime, you can download the model and place it in your backyard or a patch grassy land in your area.

A screen capture of the 30cm x 30cm DS106 skull pixel-art lawn design.
A screen capture of a magnified view of the 30cm x 30cm DS106 skull pixel-art lawn design.
The DS106 skull pixel-art lawn design SketchUp’d and uploaded to the 3D Warehouse!

ds106: Stop frame photography

Visual assignment 108 brief

Take several pictures of one object movie. When the pictures are place together is will show the movement of the object.

My ds106 lawn (de-ds106’d)

It’s now autumn here in Melbourne, Australia. That means, the weather is wet, miserable and terrible for mowing. My ds106 lawn has become unkempt. Time for a trim. Time for visual assignment 108.

ds106: My ds106 lawn

In Australia, mowing the lawn is the quintessential suburban experience. I actually don’t mind mowing the lawn. As a household chore mowing the lawn has potential for a bit of a creative twist. In the past I have attempted to create the Black Flag bar logo and a strange heart shape in an attempt to capture the interest of a Google satellite (No luck in that department). Today was different. I decided to try to mow something new. Something simple. Two letters. Three numerals. ds106.

Two letter, three numerals in my lawn. ds106.

I’ll continue to trim, shape and refine the ds106 in my backyard. Until the end of summer anyway.