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Repossessed to skate – Session 41

Repeated drop-ins. Early morning practice in small bowl. A post shared by Repurposed Ruin (@repurposed_ruin) on Sep 11, 2015 at 2:07pm PDT

Repossessed to skate – Session 38

Repossessed to skate is the name I’ve given my activity of learning and practising how to skate (again), specifically in the context of ongoing sessions at local skateparks. I’m relearning how to skate so I can show my kids how to skate. Repossessed to skate is about┬áhaving fun, learning new-old tricks that interest me and […]

Skate status 9

@TwelveBoards Thanks so much for the sloth setup. Super smooth and terrifyingly fast on mini-ramp #RepossessedToSkate — Rowan Peter (@rowan_peter) July 5, 2015

Fate (owl) up against my will

A gift from my family for my birthday. A new skateboard deck by Welcome, featuring the sage-like Fate Owl on a non-popsicle board shape. Nice.