amidoinitrite ds106 field recordings

ds106: ds106 Field Recordings – Starting work early

Starting work early on a wet winter morning to help meet a project deadline.

Right select (Save Target/Link As…) to download the ds106 Field Recording 016 Starting work early (MP3, 1.2MB)

8 replies on “ds106: ds106 Field Recordings – Starting work early”

Man, I never get tired of your field reports, and remember there is no ex-student in ds106, it is for life!!! As for those storm drains, it sounds serious. What always trips me out is the idea that you are heading into winter while Virginia is just starting to heat up. We should do a show about the weather 🙂

Or we could just talk about the weather. Melbourne is infamous for it’s 4-seasons-in-one-day style weather. It’s always the subject of conversation.

Ah, thanks for your concern Jim! You don’t need to worry too much. A Melbourne winter is like a cold soggy blanket compared to the snow and ice storm winter you have in Virginia!

Any idea what third-party QuickTime component I need to play this mp3? Oh, wait, VLC plays it.

I could see myself as a “but it’s a dry heat” (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) participant in the #ds106 weather report.

I love the sounds in your field report – I see why Jim never gets tired of them. I hope to do a few myself, just need to get my gear together.

Thanks for the comment Cherylcolan!
Looking forward to hearing your field reports. Hey you’re from Arizona! @cogdog and @todd_conaway are from around that way. I like the sly use of Hudson’s ‘it’s a dry heat’ quote from Aliens too!

Oh yes, @cogdog and @todd_conaway are my mates. But, Aliens? That’s just how we talk here. It’s cliche, an Arizona cliche. “But the summers are so hot!” “Well, it’s a dry heat.” “So is an oven.”

Oh, you weren’t quoting Aliens? Ha, it’s funny how media can inform/influence perception. The way you placed “quotations” around the “it’s a dry heat” triggered my media brain. I guess I was looking for a pop-culture reference, with ds106 being so media-centric and all.

I wonder if the Hudson character in Aliens was from Arizona? It might explain the phrase. Then again, we all like to talk about the weather.

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