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DS106: DS106 Field Report – Skating alongside the Suyeong river

I recorded this DS106 field report while skating alongside the Suyeong river in Busan, South Korea. This is the first ds106 field report where I’ve made use of video. Unlike my previous field reports where sound or what I’m hearing has been the focus. Here the visual or what I’m seeing is the focus of the field report. The start of this field report was recorded just near the location of my Gwangan Bridge and I’PARK field report.

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Thanks Tim!
Yeah I really wanted to show some of the futuristic architecture in this field report, that’s why I went with video. My favourite building in this report is the I’Park. It’s the one with the tapered…ummmm…roof. I’m planning on skating down there in the next few days, so I’ll file a report from over there!

I recorded another video field report just after this one on the other side of the Suyeong river in a precinct called Centum City. There’s one particular building that’s still being built in Centum City that’s nuts. It’s like a mutant-polyhedron. I’ll post that report next.

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