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ds106: ds106 radio – Field recordings

The goal of my ongoing ds106 field recording is to document and share the sound story of the city of Melbourne with ds106 radio listeners. I try to record the environment as succinctly and accurately as possible. I have recorded and shared the sound of my surroundings prior to ds106 radio, but I never provided the recording with a narration to give the listener context or an entry point to the sound. I regard any environment or space as source material. From the ordinary sound of suburban traffic, to the extraordinary sound of cicadas on a summer evening. Every environment or space has a story to tell and that’s what I am attempting to capture.

Listen to Field Recording 001 Sound of progress

Listen to Field Recording 002 Backyard Cicadas

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 003 Monash Freeway (Daytime)

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 004 Suburban Road

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 005 Dogs

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 006 Metro Glen Waverly Line

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 007 Crown Casino Ambience

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 008 Southbank

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 009 Eureka Tower

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 010 Fitzroy Gardens

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 011 Rain Umbrella Birds

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 011 Rain Bird Ambience (No narration)

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 012 Frogs After Rain

Listen to ds106 Field Recording 013 Box Hill Market

Each field recording features a short introduction about the environment to give the  listener context. The style of my field recordings is inspired by David Attenborough, for his clear and concise explanations and Francisco Lopez, for his indifference to the meaning of sound and his dedication to sound as an object and Philip Samartzis for his astute field recording and deft audio processing skills.

I use a HTC – Desire Android phone installed with the Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Lite) app to record each environment.

Further investigations into field recording could include attempts to associate fields recordings with location based tools such as Foursquare or Facebook’s Places. When you checkin to a location you’re able to listen to or record a sound of that location. But in the meantime, I’ll just include a link to the photo in my Flickr account in the ID3 tag of the mp3.

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You know you’re my favorite, and that unlike @brlamb, I’m listening and reading. he’s not, hence I think next time we do our radio show we have to reference this very comment, no?

More seriously, your field project is mint, my wife and I listened to those cicadas when Grant played back the field reports and I think this part of ds106 radio is so absolutely rich. having a blast with this, and making new friends all the while—how can this be bad?!!!

Always listening,
Jim Groom—>not to be confused with Brian “deaf to the world” Lamb

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