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ds106: Visual Assignment 141: Return to the Scene of the Crime

Visual Assignment 141 brief

Take a photo from the past that you took in a particular location. Return to that stop, and take another picture, “framing” the original within the current view.

Returning to the scene of my crime

Mum, dad and my son Alex. February 2011. What I like about the Return to the Scene of the Crime visual assignment is how it makes me think about the way we use photographs to attach memories to location(s). Evidence of an activity or moment in time at a specific location. Proof.

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I like this assignments also for the way it combines the analog photo in a digital one. In yours, I might want to have seen a bit more of the modern room to get a sense of the then and now– and maybe a bit more about what the scene means to you (I can guess a lot).

Last summer I tried some of these with historic photos I found from Strawberry-

and the original one room library in the neighboring town

Thanks for your comments Alan!
You’re right, including a bit more of the modern crime scene in the photo would be improve the shot.

BTW. The Pine Library Then and Now photo is great!

Thanks Adam!
I’m going to try and return to this same crime scene over time. It’ll be fun to watch Alex change as he grows older. It’s funny he doesn’t even look like this photo anymore.

BTW. You should give this assignment concept a go. I reckon there would be some great ‘crime scenes’ you could capture around your way too!

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