eT@lking: Blogging++ (Travelling with Mr ‘Davo’ Devil & Student Blogging Challenge)


Just finished the eT@lking: Blogging++ session. eT@lking is one of the many events that are organised by The Australia Series Learn Central group. The Australia Series are Elluminate events held at Australia-friendly times and are largely organised by and for Australian educators/professionals.

Tonight’s eT@lking: Blogging++ session was presented by Sue Wyatt. Sue spoke about her new blog Travelling with Mr ‘Davo’ Devil. The blog is written from the perspective of the Tasmanian Devil. A Tasmanian Devil that is soon to embark on a 3 month USA/Canada tour with Sue. Davo will blog his adventures. Davo will be used as a narrative device to prompt Sue’s students back in Australia to discover more about USA/Canada throughout the tour. Curious about Davo? You can subscribe to Davo’s feed for news and updates of his adventures! Sue also spoke about the Student Blogging ChallengeTeacher Challenge and the PLN Challenge #8 webinars.

The recording of the Blogging++ session is now available.

2 thoughts on “eT@lking: Blogging++ (Travelling with Mr ‘Davo’ Devil & Student Blogging Challenge)”

  1. Rowan, I love the way you can so quickly and efficiently publish a blog post after these webinars. Tonight was rather special with Sue sharing her amazing work which is global in nature, and then having so many global participants. Wasn’t Tatyana’s speech moving? She shared the powerful impact that the blogging challenge has had on her students with such great effect!

    1. Thanks Anne! I try and capture the eT@lking events as quickly and succinctly as possible after the event finishes. Length and detail of the post can vary. I find that a method of “getting it down fast” and then “reflecting and replying” to my own post works for me. This method is driven by document my “stuff” before I forget it or get to apply what I’ve learnt to my own context. For example, I’ve been participating in these sessions for some time now, but only have 4 or so posts about the sessions. I felt that it was bit of a shame!

      It certainly was amazing to hear Tatyana’s story. These type of stories are one of my favourite things about the eT@lking events!

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