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eT@lking: Evernote!


Tonight I participated in Graham Clark’s Evernote presentation for eT@lking. eT@lking is one of the many events that are organised by The Australia Series Learn Central group. The Australia Series are Elluminate events held at Australia-friendly times and are largely organised by and for Australian educators/professionals.

Graham demonstrated how Evernote works and why it is one of his favourite online tools.

So what is Evernote and what does it do?

  • Evernote is an asset management/productivity application that allows users to gather, tag, aggregate and share files such as image file types jpg or png and time based media file types such as mp3, ink and pdf.
  • Evernote is available for mobile devices such as iphone (apple mobile devices), android, blackberry etc.
  • Evernote has the web clipper (Firefox/Chrome) plugin that snatches and stores web content. Links are preserved and saved content is stored in the cloud.
  • Emails can also be saved to your Evernote account (Attachments included)

Uses of Evernote (educational/storytelling)

  • Bug tracking/review/art direction style editing/review process of online or web-based resources
  • Sequenced mixed-media learning object
  • Decision tree narrative

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