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Fugazi forever rocking DS106 GIFfest

Fugazi forever rocking DS106 GIFfest

Fugazi forever rocking DS106 GIFfest, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

A Fugazi themed Rock ‘N Roll ‘N GIF for DS106 GIFfest.

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This is the best gif thus far of the ds106giffest. I’m in no way, shape or form bias. Given I love Fugazi, almost as much as I love Rowan, but still… the streaks in the heads. Kill me. It’s hot. It means business. It totally captures the energy of these cats live. Exceptional.

I hear you Doc! The times I saw them when they played Melbourne were intense and completely mesmerising.

I was reminded of those shows when I worked through Instrument to find footage suitable for my animated gif. There were heaps of shots that I could have sampled. I chose this footage from their performance of Shut the door because it seemed to capture the tightness and completely locked in feel. I’m glad you like it!

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