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Two guys and their Miniguns

Two guys and their Miniguns

Two guys and their Miniguns, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

A Minigun themed Gun Crazy GIF for DS106 GIFfest (Extended).

With its rotating barrel, cascading cartridges and dramatic muzzle flash the Minigun seems to be the weapon of choice for movie characters who need to battle against great odds. Terminator 2: Judgement Day and The Matrix are two of the many films that feature a Minigun.

4 replies on “Two guys and their Miniguns”

Hah, what a great sequence. And who knew there was an Internet Movie Firearms Database (obviously you did).

If you like those Miniguns I can probably go down to Walmart and pick one up for you.

Hey thanks Alan!
My aim was to create a Gun Crazy animated gif made up of different characters from different films using the same gun composed in the same or similar way.

Oh, thanks for offering to buy me a Minigun, but I must politely refuse. I don’t like guns and I don’t see a need for this kind of gun to be available in a domestic/civilian context outside law enforcement and legitimate uses in agriculture.

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