Category for all posts and pages related to my exploration of TouchDesigner, a node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content, developed by the Toronto-based company Derivative. My profile

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    My first instanced geometry

    Building on the momentum of making my way through my very, very first noise displacement tutorial, I had a go at Polyhop’s instancing geometry in TouchDesigner tutorial. Again, you literally start with a ‘blank canvas’ and then slowly build up a network that results in a fun and visually interesting output. My key takeaways It’s possible to assemble 3D forms from various geometry with a merge SOP. You can use Python expressions to access parameters e.g., scale and height of spheres at the end of the tube – super cool and efficient! Split the screen to create a clear and uncluttered workspace e.g., TOP viewer, and then Display modal window,…

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    My first noise displacement

    Super-stoked about taking my very first steps with the visual coding software TouchDesigner by making my way through Polyhop’s Noise Displacement Tutorial – it’s a fun tutorial with just the right amount of detail designed especially for first timers like me. You literally start with a ‘blank canvas’ and then over time slowly build up to something something visually interesting and fun to play with – I’m most likely going to adopt this workflow while I’m still finding my feet with TouchDesigner. My key takeaways Learning how to chain together Noise TOPs Using Nulls to connect nodes Polyhop’s expression “toot the parameters” – love it!