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The EpCoP Case: Week 5 in review

A Storify review of Week 5 of the EpCop Case written by Detective Ryan Peterovski. “ Peterovski Reporting for duty! The new lead in the #EpCop Case has taken me to Sth Korea DetRyanPeterovs August 30, 2011 “ A report from Gwangan #EpCop DetRyanPeterovs August 30, 2011 “ I’m on the road for […]

Detective Peterovski is not feeling so well

It’s the end of the fifth week of the EpCoP Case and Detective Peterovski has been struck down by a mystery illness. The mystery illness has made the detective bed-ridden for the last two days. Reporting from his sick bed in a hotel room in Busan, South Korea, the detective talks about his condition and […]

Detective Peterovski seeks enlightenment

Live from the Sun Bon Sa (선본사) Buddhist temple in the mountains of South Korea, Detective Peterovski talks about the investigation and his need to seek enlightenment and develop a greater sense of direction.  Perhaps 선본사  is the right place to reflect on the EpCoP Case.