Detective Peterovski is not feeling so well

It’s the end of the fifth week of the EpCoP Case and Detective Peterovski has been struck down by a mystery illness. The mystery illness has made the detective bed-ridden for the last two days.
Reporting from his sick bed in a hotel room in Busan, South Korea, the detective talks about his condition and the status of the investigation.

You can track the progress of the investigation in South Korea via the detective’s Location of the last known sighting of Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) map.


  1. right I’m sending you the ‘white light’ to get you over this set back – was wondering why everything had gone quiet … maybe try following Rn’R instead of RPL. Here’s a couple of rest and recuperation sites for you to investigate: and

  2. Detective…I hope you feel better soon. How about some light reading, to get you back into the swing of things…nothing too taxing.

  3. Detective, have you been poisoned!! I hope you have made a full recovery and are back in the game! RPL must have slipped something into your martini…

    Trust no one!

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