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“Learner revisitation of the same MOOC: formative feedback and its impact” at the Virtual FLAN Meeting: 24.08.21

Although the goal of this research was to investigate enrolment data, learner activity data and themes identified from comments made by revisiting learners between 2015 and 2020 to identify the factors that contribute to learners revisiting a MOOC, this presentation will focus on the contribution that formative feedback made to learner revisiting.

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Our course could be your life(style): Tales of MOOC revisiting learners 2015-2020

Abstract Many studies have identified crucial factors that impact learner engagement in online courses, particularly free to join courses like MOOCs and have explored aspects of openness, freeness, production values, retention strategies and the impact of MOOCs on digital teaching and learning, but little has been said about learners who continue to revisit the same […]