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DS106RADIO bumper – spoken by Dr Oblivion

When I say I’m in love with #DS106RADIO, you better believeI mean I’m in love with #DS106RADIO. L-U-V. You know, #DS106RADIO is the radio station I’m going to marry. I hope. Because of this giant-sized love, I’m super stoked to learn that #DS106RADIO features as part of Week Four: The sound of science activities for […]

amidoinitrite ds106

DS106: Radio DS106 – Station IDs (Bumpers)

DS106 now has a streaming radio station!  The radio station streams content uploaded by ds106 participants. Pretty cool. Inspired, I decided to make a few station IDs or Bumpers, or whatever you cal them in your jurisdiction. They’re something short and sharp that would hopefully shed a little light on exactly what the listener was […]