Detective Peterovski discovers his first piece of evidence

While  conducting his investigation throughout Melbourne’s central business district, Detective Ryan Peterovski discovers his first piece of evidence. Could this discovery put him one step closer to catching his arch enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL) and closing the EpCop Case?


Hopefully, this discovery will be the first of many throughout the duration of the EpCop Case. As a way to easily record the type and location of each piece of evidence, Detective Peterovski has created a EpCop Case Evidence Location Map. The map is open and any EpCop MOOC agent is welcome to contribute evidence. There are some rules of engagement. You’re welcome to remain Anonymous if you really want to, but when contributing to the EpCop Case Evidence Location Map it would be great if you could:

  1. take a photo of the evidence at the location it was found and upload it to the map.
  2. label the photo or list the evidence type (for example, shoe, book or photo), location (for example, Melbourne, Australia) and date (for example, 5 August 2011).
  3. describe how the evidence could be used in court (if Richard Paddy Lawrence  eventually goes to trial) or how it could contribute to preparing an e-portfolio and solving the Epcop Case.
  4. tweet your contribution to @DetRyanPeterovs.

Thanks and good luck EpCoP agents!

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