8 Replies to “Detective Peterovski reflects on the achievements of the first week”

  1. Agent Bentley reporting in Sir…did you crack the code?
    You need more evidence to understand the cryptic mind of Richard Paddy Lawrence.

  2. Agent Bentley!

    I’ve been working all night trying to crack the QR code. I think I’m almost there…
    I’ll be sure to let the EpCop team know once I’ve done it!
    Detective Ryan Peterovski

  3. Lizzy Slinks is on the case from country Victoria.
    Do you need cloud storage for all that evidence? Surely all of it will not end up in your eportfolio.

  4. Oh Sir….I failed to mention that several pesky reporters dropped in yesterday.
    They were sniffing around for leaks…I reveal too much….SIR.

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