ds106: My ds106 lawn

In Australia, mowing the lawn is the quintessential suburban experience. I actually don’t mind mowing the lawn. As a household chore mowing the lawn has potential for a bit of a creative twist. In the past I have attempted to create the Black Flag bar logo and a strange heart shape in an attempt to capture the interest of a Google satellite (No luck in that department). Today was different. I decided to try to mow something new. Something simple. Two letters. Three numerals. ds106.

Two letter, three numerals in my lawn. ds106.

I’ll continue to trim, shape and refine the ds106 in my backyard. Until the end of summer anyway.

13 comments on “ds106: My ds106 lawn

  1. That is beautiful! Art by lawnmower. If you get more ambitious try doing a caricature of Jim Groom.

    I spent many many hours as a teen pushing the mower and recall a bit of a meditative experience, isolated by it’s noise from the rest of the world,

    But I don’t miss it a bit! I have all rock where I live, which rarely needs mowing.

    Carry on, make lawn art, damnit!

    1. Thanks Alan!

      You’re right, there’s definitely a meditative quality to the lawn mowing experience. I’ll look into applying some more advanced lawn shaping techniques over the next few weeks.

      I also think that the ‘S’ could do with some work. At the moment it kind of looks like a ‘5’.


    1. Hey thanks!
      I had fun mowing it.
      I’ve seen photos of the lawn at UMW and I think it would look great with a nice ds106 logo! Could be class project. 🙂

  2. This is awesome.

    Wonder if we couldn’t start a project to see if anyone can get a “ds106” lawn art project to show up on Google Maps — Alan could take a stab at rock art. Others could tackle grass art. Where I live, there are so many trees you can’t really see much. Maybe I could convince my husband to let me paint the driveway. 🙂

    1. I could also see a project like this follow the seasons. It would be great to see the deciduous trees in autumn. The fallen leaves could be used to shape the ds106 logo. Results would also vary for those living in northern and southern hemisphere. It would be a long-term project! 🙂

  3. Recently, I used Sketchup to previsualise lawn art designs, before attempting to mow the lawn.

    I’d actually like to move from the physical lawn design to the virtual lawn design, where lawn designs could persistantly augment a virtual space. Furthermore, the virtual lawn would respond to stimuli. For example, rate of growth, colour, health and change of seasons.

    In fact, I wouldn’t want to limit this concept to a strict lawn mowing pursuit. I think there’s scope for other things.

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