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Sew, grow and mow: An AR lawn art experience

Sew, grow and mow is a multi-user virtual lawn art experience played in real locations with real dimensions in real time. Sew, grow and mow is a continuation of an existing idea about persistently augmenting a space. The experience Location Users choose a location nearby or a location they can easily access to place their virtual lawn. Suitable […]

Noise wall

Noise wall = Kollum + pixel art lawn art + sew, grow and mow.  Synthetic layers in real space in real time in a world of real sound.

Drawing triangle and quad strips

Making my way through the Drawing triangle and quad strips recipe from the Processing 2 Creative programming cookbook source code on GitHub. In this recipe I learned how to use the QUAD_STRIP and TRIANGLE_STRIP parameters inside the beginShape function to draw triangle or quad 3D geometry to screen. With some work, QUAD_STRIP and TRIANGLE_STRIP could be used to […]

Using a for loop to draw lines

I wanted to draw a grid. Previously, I specified each horizontal and vertical line in my sketch. Totally boring, inefficient and completely inflexible way to draw repetitive lines. So, I checked out the Processing reference on for loops and then applied that methodology to my existing sketch. Tight! This could be the method to use to […]

Blender selection modes: The sync selection button

Once you’ve created seams in your mesh and then unwrapped it, you’ll then probably want to move contiguous groups of faces or UV islands into a location that will make it easier for you to create and then paint a texture. Before you can start moving your UV islands you’ll need to change your selection […]