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ds106 hockey jerseys for Northern Voice 2011

I really wanted to go to this years Northern Voice conference. The schedule looked pretty impressive. I thought at the very least I would be able to play a game of pick-up hockey (with some random Canadian). The conference takes place in Canada, which is the undisputed home of ice hockey. Surely they’re playing hockey 24 hours a day? (Joking)

So, I designed hockey jerseys for the #ds106radio4life: How Open Web Radio Will Change Your Life presentation at Northern Voice 2011. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ds106 hockey team and there wasn’t any hockey to be played at Northern Voice. I just thought it would be fun to design the jerseys and then share with the ds106 presenters before they departed for Northern Voice. The skull logo is based on the warning ds106 skull designed by D’Arcy Norman.

ds106 hockey jerseys for Northern Voice 2011, originally uploaded by Rowan Peter.

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