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eT@lking: Introducing the EpCoP MOOC!

Screen grab from the EpCoP eT@lking session.

Just finished the eT@lking: EpCoP MOOC session. eT@lking is one of the many events that are organised by The Australia Series Learn Central group. The Australia Series are online events held at Australia-friendly times and are largely organised by and for Australian educators/professionals.

Tonight’s eT@lking: EpCoP MOOC session was presented by Carole McCulloch. Carole introduced the upcoming e-portfolios community of practice Massive Open Online Course, or EpCoP MOOC for short! The EpCoP MOOC will run from August 1 – September 30 2011.

Aims and objectives of the EpCop MOOC are to help VET practitioners develop their own professional e-portfolio or a personal cyberinfrastructure to archive lifelong learning experiences, document current course participation, maintain VET practitioner currency and store RPL information. The EpCop MOOC is also an opportunity for participants to learn and network with like-minded participants.

A very brief overview of the EpCop MOOC

The EpCop MOOC is made up of 7 Levels. Each Level has a number of Quests to be completed each week. Each week also has a different discussion topic and Challenge Gallery. As Quests are completed, Achievement Badges can be collected and displayed on your e-portfolio. Complete the Quests and collect the whole set! Obviously, collecting Achievement Badges isn’t the aim of the MOOC, it’s a bit of fun.

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