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Flickering fluorescent

Flickering fluorescent tube lighting. I like the look and sound of the flickering fluorescent tube. Footage shot on my HTC Aria mobile phone.

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This is very Oblivion-esque. I like it a lot. The florescent light alm ost seems digital, I mean it is digital on video, but the video almost seems as if it is capturing digital florescent—or you know what I mean 😉

Thanks Jim for the comment on non-ds106 specific content! I love capturing and archiving raw material like this. And I guess this video is an example of what’s driving my field reports. “This is what I’m hearing (seeing) RIGHT NOW and I want to share it with you”. With my field reports I try not to leave the observer/listener in too much of an abstract realm. I like to add extra information for context to help paint a broader picture of the location that I’m reporting from. But still, it’s the initial sound that captures my ear and drives my need to report!

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