Detective Peterovski’s dream

The team in the lab finally managed to extract and decrypt the contents of the media device that was recently discovered by Detective Peterovski. The contents of the media device took Peterovski and all of the other EpCoP agents by suprise!

Just what does Peterovski’s dream mean? How was this nightmarish vision recorded on the media device and how does it relate to the EpCop Case? Is this the work of Detective Peterovski’s arch enemy¬†Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL)?

5 thoughts on “Detective Peterovski’s dream”

  1. Hi Rowan,
    I was on tenterhooks about the results from the lab and they are even scarier than I imagined! The mystery deepens! Could arch enemy RPL have taken control of Det. Peterovski’s brain while he was asleep –hence his terrible nightmares?
    My associate, Capt. Poirot, is extremely concerned. She urges you to rally ALL agents to help with the case!

  2. What is the significance of the missing baby? The detective seems to be searching for something or someone in his dreams, also who’s hat was that? Mmmm Intriguing …

    1. Hello Boomer

      They’re both good questions. I’m no psychoanalyst that’s for sure, but the dream *COULD* be talking about my childhood. A childhood that wasn’t documented with photographs or evidence of the goodtimes of my early years. You see, there’s no proof of my childhood, my days of innocence. Maybe that’s why I’m so driven to catch my arch enemy Richard Paddy Lawrence (RPL)?

      Thanks for following the EpCoP Case.


      Detective Ryan Peterovski

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